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Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”); is the owner of Yukarı Dudullu Mah Necip Fazıl Blv. Keyap St. Bies Medical Engineering San. located at F1 Blok No:44/95 Ümraniye / Istanbul. and Tic. Inc. with; www.medicalgasstore.comIt is concluded between the website user ("Member") who has become a member of the website by accepting the following terms and conditions, to determine the conditions for the Member to benefit from the Services offered by Bies. Bies and the Member will be referred to individually as "Party" and together as "Parties" in this Membership Agreement.


Bies Medical Engineering San. and Tic. A.Ş.'s ("Our Company" or "Bies") contact information is as follows: Address: Yukarı Dudullu Mah Necip Fazıl Blv. Keyap St. F1 Block No:44/95 Ümraniye / Istanbul, Tel: +90 549 520 51 07, E-Mail:, (Mersis Number: 0608160232500001). Our company is a member of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO). You can learn the rules of conduct of the ITO at or at 444 0 486.


In order to establish this membership agreement, you must enter the requested Membership Information and the password you will determine, give the specified approval and/or permissions and click [Complete Membership], etc. Just press the button. By completing the membership process through Bies' Site, you accept the terms and conditions specified in this agreement and undertake to comply with them. If you do not want to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not use the Site or terminate your membership immediately. Bies has the right to make changes to the terms of this contract and to stop the services provided within the scope of the contract. The only requirement for the changes to take effect is to be published on existing platforms. Your accessing and continuing to use the site will mean that you accept these changes. For this reason, we recommend that you frequently check the "Membership Agreement" text.


 We especially request that you enter your name, e-mail address/mobile phone number and other mandatory information correctly, completely and without errors; If you notice an error, correct it. You can correct any deficiencies/errors you notice after completing the membership process in the My Account section, which you can access from the Member Login section. Bies constantly checks the accuracy of the information presented on the Site. However, this situation cannot be evaluated in the sense of strict liability. You should keep in mind that the information provided may become out of date. By accepting this agreement; You declare that you agree to become a member of the customer satisfaction-oriented "Membership Program", which was created to provide Bies members with advantages such as general and special campaigns, promotions, promotions, earning points, earning discounts, giving gift certificates and discounts, and benefiting from these programs and applications.


This contract text is available as a form on our website. A text such as the Contract text that is "private" to the member (information entered as a party) may not be stored separately in our Company's systems.


You can terminate your membership at any time, without giving any reason and without paying any penalty, by giving a written notification to our Company through the above mentioned communication channels; Likewise, our Company may terminate/suspend memberships for various reasons. You have been informed in writing that you have the right to unsubscribe, terminate/reject commercial electronic messages, SMS, e-mail, letter and telephone contact and sending you messages, without giving any reason, at any time you wish. Additionally, Bies has the right to cancel your membership without giving any reason.


Within the scope of the Bies Membership Program, your personal information that you submit through the membership page form will be processed for the purposes listed above and similar, and for commercial use alone and/or combined with other personal data, within the scope of the legal grounds for the establishment and execution of this contract and the membership relationship. In addition, we can communicate with you via SMS, internet, letters, phone calls, etc. Your explicit permission will be requested in the membership area to be contacted through channels. You can see our Privacy Policy for details.


It is your responsibility to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information provided when applying for membership. Bies is in no way responsible for providing inaccurate or incomplete information.


Any action or transaction that may cause damage to the site's software and hardware systems or adversely affect its operation is prohibited. Performing multiple transactions using automatic programs or software, opening a membership registration or sending excessive amounts of requests or information through automatic methods and similar methods are also prohibited.


Users, including but not limited to any computer viruses, trojans and similar malware that they may be exposed to due to the use of the Site, the use of data and information presented or provided on the Site, behaviors based on this data and information or access to the Site, Bies has no legal or criminal liability for any and all direct and indirect damages, losses, damages and/or losses that members or other third parties may suffer for any reason. You accept, declare and undertake in advance that you will not make any demands or claims under any name against Bies due to the above-mentioned damages.

 You accept, declare and undertake in advance the Membership Agreement, Terms of Use, Distance Selling Agreement, Cancellation, Return and Exchange Conditions.

Disputes arising from this agreement are subject to Turkish Law and Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices (Central) are authorized.


Protection of Personal Data


In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, the data obtained by using the website, especially the personal data (Identity, Contact) you have shared with Bies within the scope of Membership Information, can be processed by Bies and in cases and to the extent permitted by the legislation, Bies may use it domestically and internationally. It can be transferred to business partners and suppliers located abroad.


You can find details about your processed personal data, the collection method, processing purpose and legal reason, as well as your rights, in the "Bies Information Text on the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy".


On the Bies website membership page, explicit consent is requested only for international transfers of your personal data. Your other information is processed within the scope of the membership agreement. You can give explicit consent by checking the box where your explicit consent is requested and pressing the sign up button.


Electronic Communication Permission


By accepting the terms of the membership agreement and expressing your will to benefit from the membership advantages, various advantages can be provided and offered to you by processing the identity and contact information you share with Bies and all kinds of physical and electronic communication and other communication for special advertising, sales, marketing, survey and similar purposes. It was necessary to request your permission to send the messages.


Your electronic communication permission is requested via a separate permission box on the membership page. When you check this box and press the Sign Up button, your permission process will be completed. You can revoke your consent at any time.

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