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Hasta Yatak Başı Ünitesi Aydınlatmalı, Oksijen Flowmetresi üzerinde, Medikal Gaz Prizi Üzerinde
  • Bed Head Units

    Patient bedside units are specially designed according to the physical conditions and medical requirements of the hospital and are manufactured by prioritizing visuality and functionality. The units include direct and indirect lighting lamps, electrical sockets, grounding system, commutator switch, telephone socket and medical gas installation, as well as optional nurse call systems with different features.

    It is designed and manufactured from first quality extruded aluminum, consisting of 3 separate closed sections in which the medical gas installation and electrical installations of the units are designed separately from each other. All covers of the bed head units can be attached and removed using the screwless snap method. It is manufactured in desired sizes according to the physical conditions of the hospital, and the unit is colored with electrostatic powder painting or natural anodizing.

    Patient bedside units are manufactured according to EN ISO 7396-1: 2007, EN ISO 11197: 2016, EN 60601-1-2: 2015, EN ISO 9170-1: 2008 standards.


      Malzeme : Alüminyum Ekstrüzyon Eloksal veya Elektrostatik boyalı

      • Aydınlatma : Polikarbon Profil
      • Uzunluk : 800mm - 6000mm
      • Ray : 10mm X 30mm
      • Okuma Lamba : 9W Led FLorasan
      • Ortam Aydınlatma Lamba : 18W Led Florasan
    PriceFrom 93,45$
    Excluding Sales Tax
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