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Area Valve Service Units
  • Area Valve Service Units

    They are systems that can measure gas flows in regional shut-off valve groups installed in the relevant sections of the hospital or independently in desired areas, evaluate the data in these measurements, display low pressure, high pressure and suitable for use information on the screen and give sensory and visual alarms.

    The systems, which are produced in two ways: LCD screen and LED screen, are designed to provide information flow to the existing automation system or to its own automation panel, if desired.


      • Pano Malzeme : Elektrostatik boyalı sac
      • Blok : Pirinç (MS58)
      • Vana : 1/2 Oksijen uygun yağdan arındırılmış
      • Alarm : 6 gaz düşük basınç yüksek basınç sesli ve görsel uyarı
      • Bağlantı : 15mm ve 22 mm medikal bakır boru
    PriceFrom $132.30
    Excluding Sales Tax
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